Why digital marketing matters

digital marketing

Embracing digital is the first step in dusting off pre-conceived notions of marketing by the non-marketer. It’s encouraging to see this happening more across Legal Services, one of our specialist sectors, but like other industries, it is highly variable in its approach.

Venture capital funding is now pouring into targeted areas of law such as personal injury, where there is a ready, consumable and ever litigious market. Digital marketing has been embraced by internet and marketing savvy firms, backed by non-lawyers who are building growth on mergers & acquisitions, smart branding and market reach.

The traditional law firm is not fishing with the same equipment and has “made do” for too long. They have not invested in the right skill sets in-house – they are lawyers after all – and marketing is anathema to many. You could also easily stereotype lawyers as commercial dinosaurs, staring into the oncoming headlights of aggressive competitors, but that would be highly unfair.

There are many firms out there imaginatively connecting with their markets and business channels and some use social media to great effect with proven lead generation and conversion.

Equally, some still don’t have websites and those that do aren’t mobile compatible in the main. But with new competition, conveyancing panel squeezes, drastic legal aid and personal injury work reduction, there is recognition that they have to invest to market, defend and grow their client base. And digital is where it’s at.

Digital gets measured

Law as an industry is not unique in facing this situation. Regardless of your sector, ask yourself:

  • Is your firm set up for digital marketing?
  • Who is doing “marketing” now?
  • What are the results?
  • What could you do better?
  • Are you competitors doing it already?

Simple questions but it helps define if the activity is earning real income from the effort.

You may have a small ring fenced marketing budget engaged on modestly successful “traditional” marketing within your local area, whether its community sponsorship or a regular legal column on a variety of topics in the local rag, but it is hard to measure any of it. It’s a reputation and opinion builder and may enable recall of your firm versus others, but you can’t really see its impact in numbers.

This is where digital marketing comes up trumps. In fact, it scores over other media for 6 reasons:

  • It’s cheaper, not just to trial and test response, but also every time a campaign is deployed – relative to fixed print and direct mail.
  • It reaches a far wider audience more regularly than one off print media
  • You can measure every part of the process to capture a lead and adjust your campaign based on clear results.
  • You have 24/7 access – your shop stays open even when your office does not.
  • It allows you to be highly specific in terms of your search. There is great scope to show your niche expertise.
  • There is a demographic shift. Digital and mobile media is the only way younger people consume and seek content.

An integrated, structured and persistent digital marketing plan will create more powerful and relevant connections with clients. You can build and grow your professional network, new business channels and convey your thought leadership and engagement with clients and the community far easier. People get easily distracted by the idea of tweeting, but social media has to work alongside search marketing, good content and not least, the human touch – face to face presence.

Let’s make a plan today!

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